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How to Choose Protective Gloves?

Jan. 28, 2021

Protective Gloves are used to protect hands from injury. In the medical aspect, it is mainly used for medical examination, isolation and protection. There are mainly medical inspection gloves, sterile medical gloves, medical X-ray protective gloves.

Workers working in the laboratory are surrounded by chemicals, and chemicals and skin-irritating agents can easily cause damage to the hands when opened and used, such as strong acids and alkalis that will cause burns when they fall on the skin , And there is a strong pain. Therefore, laboratory staff should also wear protective gloves to better protect the hand skin.

Protective Gloves

Matters needing attention in the selection and use of gloves

The proper choice of gloves and the correct use of gloves are directly related to the health of the hands. Pay attention to the following points in the selection and use process:

1. The selected gloves should have sufficient protective effect;

2. Before using, especially disposable gloves, check the gloves for small holes or damaged or abraded places, especially finger joints;

3. Do not throw away contaminated gloves arbitrarily during use;

4. Pay attention to the correct method to take off the gloves to prevent the harmful substances contaminated on the gloves from contacting the skin and clothes, causing secondary pollution;

5. Do not share gloves, sharing gloves is easy to cause cross infection;

6. Wash your hands before wearing gloves, wash your hands after taking off the gloves, and rub some hand cream to replenish natural protective oil;

7. Heal or cover the wound before wearing gloves to prevent bacteria and chemicals from entering the blood;

8. Don't ignore any skin diseases such as skin erythema, itching, dermatitis, etc. If your hands are dry, itchy, or air bubbles, please consult a doctor in time.

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