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How to Buy a Disposable Mask?

Mar. 06, 2021

Some people don't believe that wearing masks in public is necessary. Some believe that masks are not 100 per cent protective, so they are almost worthless, and although disposable masks are not sealed so that when someone coughs or sneezes, water droplets can cause them to seep out through the side or top or bottom gaps, these particles are not as effective as someone without a mask.

"The mask interrupts the speed or velocity of the droplets so they don't travel too far or too far in the air," explains Dr. Karen Jubanyik, M.D., associate professor of emergency medicine at Yale University School of Medicine and co-author of the journal Nature. Defeating coronaviruses."

How to buy a disposable mask?

1.Before buying a box of disposable masks, keep in mind the advice of medical experts. 

Remember the difference between medical grade masks and non-medical masks to ensure you can use the correct mask for your specific needs (this is indicated on the box).

2.Non-medical masks come in different layer options. You want at least two layers but ideally three.

If possible, look for a mask with a lining that has moisture wicking and antibacterial properties.

Look for an adjustable nose bridge. This clip or wire will help keep particles in when you breathe, cough or sneeze and will also help prevent your glasses from fogging up.

3.If you wear a disposable mask but it doesn't fit, choose another option. You want one that fits comfortably around your nose, mouth and chin with your teeth. And, if it starts to slip off, then it's not the right mask for you because, among other things, the movement will tempt the wearer to touch it and their face, which could spread the virus.

Don't overspend on price points. More expensive disposable masks do not guarantee better protection.

Types of disposable masks

When someone talks about disposable masks, they are usually referring to one of three different types: medical grade disposable masks, non-medical grade disposable masks or N95 respirators.

Medical Surgical Mask

Medical grade disposable masks

These are usually intended for single use in a hospital setting and consist of three layers and are not breathable. These surgical masks are also known as medical masks and filter out large particles. They protect the wearer's nose and mouth from contact with splashes or sprays that may contain bacteria. Medical grade disposable masks are best used to protect others from the wearer, which could expose them to Covid-19.

The outer layer usually has a non-toxic, water-repellent chemical polypropylene woven into it to prevent exposure to large droplets.

The middle layer will have an anti-bacterial filter.

The inner layer is designed to absorb moisture from our breath and minimise irritation to the skin.

N95 masks

The N95 mask is a respirator that, despite being intended for single use, has forced certain healthcare professionals to re-use their masks when supplies are short. It is more robust than surgical masks and filters out 95% of particles of all sizes. The N95 mask is the strongest mask currently available and does not require an additional cover.N95 masks do need to be professionally fitted and should be reserved for frontline healthcare workers where possible.

Disposable masks for non-medical use

They come in many varieties and vary in fit and filter quality. They are likely to be a consideration when people discuss disposable masks. According to several experts, they are often constructed with two or three layers and are recommended for the public through medical grade masks.

But remember, while all surgical masks are considered masks, not all masks are considered surgical masks.

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