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Correct use of mask

Mar. 08, 2020

Recently, the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the Novel coronavirus affected everyone's heart. All kinds of questions about masks also follow, what type of mask can be worn to protect? How long can a disposable mask be worn at most? What kind of mask should children wear? What should I do with a used mask.

Correct use of mask

In view of the above problems of masks, Sino-Kang medical specially carried out an authoritative comb, so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of the problems of masks.

What kind of mask to wear for prevention and control?

Masks are an important line of defense against respiratory infections and can reduce the risk of Novel coronavirus infection. The mask can not only prevent the patient from spraying droplets, reduce the amount and speed of droplets, but also block the virus containing droplets nucleus, preventing the wearer from inhaling. Common masks mainly include ordinary masks (such as paper masks, activated carbon masks, cotton masks, sponge masks, gauze masks, etc.), disposable surgical masks, medical surgical masks, medical protective masks, KN95/N95 and above particle protective masks.

Disposable surgical masks are recommended for use by the public in non-crowded public places.

Correct use of mask

Medical surgical mask for medical use: the protective effect is better than that of disposable surgical mask, and it is recommended to be worn by suspected cases, public transport drivers, taxi drivers, sanitation workers, and public service personnel while on duty.

Correct use of mask

KN95/N95 and above particle protective masks: the protective effect is better than the medical surgical mask, disposable surgical mask, field investigation, sampling and testing personnel are recommended to use, the public can also wear in crowded places or closed public places.

Correct use of mask

Medical protective mask: it is recommended to be worn by medical staff in outpatient and isolation wards of fever and confirmed patients when they are transferred.

Correct use of mask

How long can different types of masks be worn for?

Masks worn by healthy people are not at risk of Novel coronavirus transmission. Surgical masks are generally replaced when masks become deformed, wet or dirty, resulting in reduced protection. Disposable medical protective mask. can be used for up to 4 hours, and should be replaced immediately after wetting. Masks above N95 level can be used for 1 to 2 days in theory. Disposable N95 masks cannot be reused after dropoff.

Can children wear adult masks?

Of course.the answer is no! the standards and announcements for children to wear masks are as follows.

Guidelines for the use of pneumonia masks for the prevention of Novel coronavirus infection suggest that children should choose the products that meet the national standard gb2626-2006 KN95 and label the protective masks for children or teenager.

In addition, children should pay attention to the following matters when using masks: children should carefully read and correctly understand the instructions with the help of parents before wearing them, so as to master the proper use of respiratory protective equipment; Parents should always pay attention to the wearing situation of children's masks. If children feel uncomfortable while wearing masks, they should promptly adjust or stop using them. Due to the small size of children's face the edge of the mask cannot be fully clothed with adults it is not recommended for children to wear an adult mask with the requirements of tightness.

How to choose the right mask

1, Mask type and protective effect: medical respirator > medical surgical mask > ordinary medical mask > ordinary mask

2, Ordinary mask (such as cotton cloth, sponge, activated carbon, gauze) can only prevent dust, prevent haze, can not prevent the spread of bacteria, virus.

3, Ordinary medical mask: it can be used in non-crowded public places.

4, Medical surgical mask: the protective effect is better than that of ordinary surgical mask, which can be worn in crowded public places

5, Medical protective mask (N95/KN95): it is used by first-line medical staff when they  contact with patients with confirmed or suspected Novel coronavirus pneumonia, fever clinic on-site investigation, sampling and testing personnel. It can also be worn in high-density places or closed public places.

6, About the recent protection of the Novel coronavious pneumonia should choose medical masks can not use ordinary cotton, gauze, activated carbon masks.

The method of wearing masks is also important.

Medical surgical masks should be worn as follow.

Correct use of mask

N95 masks proper wearing method:

Correct use of mask

1. Face the mask without nose clip so that nose clip is located above the mask. Hold the mask on your face and hold it against your chin.

2. Pull the top headband over your head and place it on top of your head.

3. Pull the lower headband over the top of your head and place it under the back of your neck and ears.

4. Place the both hands in the middle of the metal clip nose and press inwards, moving the fingertips along the sides of the nose clip until the nose clip is fully pressed into the shape of the bridge of the nose. Using only one hand to hold the nose clip may affect the tightness of the mask.

5. The user must check the tightness between the mask and the face

a, Cover the mask with both hands to avoid affecting the position of the mask on the face.

b, lnhale quickly. If air leaks from the bridge of the nose, readjust the nose clip as step 4 If air leaks from the edge of the mask, readjust the headband; If a good seal cannot be obtained repeat steps 1-4.

c, if no leakage is felt, it is well worn.

Correct use of mask

Preservation of masks.

Storage environment of masks: for most masks, make sure that they are stored in a dry indoor environment, stored in a special medical box is the best, if there is no medical box, it is best to use a moisture-proof storage box.

Shelf life: face mask is to have shelf life, do not open with face mask, shelf life is 3 years commonly. Replace filter regularly, each filter can be used for one week in principle. If you use a sterilized mask, pay attention to the effective period of sterilization.

If the mask has been unsealed, it is best to refer to the recommendations on the mask packaging, regular replacement for appropriate.

Discard of masks

After using the mask carrying a large number of saliva, dust, etc., may even carry pathogenic bacteria or viruses Be aware of pollution sources associated with these masks! We recommend that you do not throw away If possible, please use boiling water before throwing away, or fixed point safety incineration. At least do before discarding the mask will be torn, in case of illegal vendors for the second recovery and selling masks.

Warm prompt:

1. If you feel uncomfortable,go to a doctor immediately to avoid harming other family members and surrounding relatives and friends.

2. The mask can not completely eliminate the virus, please take the initiative to stay away from the complex environment.

3. Wash hands and change clothes when entering the house after going out.

4. Keep the room well ventilated and disinfect regularly.

5. Avoid mouth-to-mouth, mouth-to-face contact with older people and children.

How to dispose of the mask after use

After the use of healthy people mask, according to the requirements of household waste classification can be disposed.

1. Remove the mask in the correct way.

2. Place the discarded mask in the trash bag.

3. Spray 75% medical alcohol into garbage bags.

4. Tie up the trash bag and throw it away.

Masks worn by suspected cases or confirmed patients should not be discarded at will. They should be treated as medical waste and treated in strict accordance with relevant procedures of medical waste. They should not enter the circulation market.

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